Monday, May 23, 2011

Lunch @ cafe salade de fruits

Salade du Jour
-shrimp with avocado

Moules (et frites)
-in creamy white wine sauce

(Moules) et frites
-thin cut fries

Special mushroom crepe 
-choose it with a bean soup

french baguette with lamb sausages
-tastes a bit gamey but was alright for me
-bread was fresh and crispy

cafe salade de fruits
1551 W 7th Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 714-5987

- located inside the French cultural center
- cash only
- they don't serve ketchup for your fries since the French traditionally don't
- the servers will explain what there is to eat even if you can't understand the menu
-they also serve beard before the food comes
- most food comes with soup/salad/fries
- excellent prices for awesome big portion food
-free underground parking in back