Monday, July 11, 2011

What8ver Cafe

Honey Toast
-crisp throughout, cut into 9 pieces

Strawberry Waffle + Blueberry Waffle
-won't be too dry or crisp

Wheat germ Milk tea
-has enough ice cubes to last through whole drink keeping it cold all the way

What8ver Cafe
1108-8328 Capstan Way
Richmond, BC V6X 4B6
(778) 297-5992

visited on a saturday night

The Good
-food is the right sweetness
-decent prices with good quality (not so sure if they will follow other bbt places where the quality drops after a few months of opening)
-closes at 3am
-friendly staff, they will definitely see you since the place is small unlike other places which take forever to get some attention

The Not So Good
-limit of 90 mins of table (can't rmb if its 90 or 120) (posted on wall beside each table)
-even though there's a lot of staff, the drinks came later than the food which already took 15+ mins prep (but guessing that they finish the take out first)
-not a lot of tables of so best to make reservations and toast may sell out so ask before hand to make sure they have it
-can't fit large groups, probably 8 is max for their only big table
-their prices include HST which got confusing when trying to split the bill

-a place that will definitely revisit (hoping that they will expand since there's only 5-6 tables inside, 2 outside)