Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dessert @ Moxie's

group was craving for dessert at Moxie's but since we already planned dinner elsewhere, only went there for dessert

tasting trio
mousse was light tasting with expresso
toffee pudding was sticky as suggested by its name
white chocolate brownie
didn't come out as warm as usual
bumbleberry custard tart
part of Alex Chen's taste of summer
berry part was somewhat too sweet
tart nicely made, nice and solid

3233 St Edwards Dr (attached to Sandman Hotel) 
Richmond, BC V6X 1N4 
(604) 303-1111

-everything just seemed pretty sweet after a light japanese meal
-hostess was really nice and even offered to help us take a picture
-but the waitress was horrible, pretending to be nice but it was obvious that she didn't like us occupying her table and only eating dessert
-she came by to ask us how everything was tasting but she said that as she was walking by our table and didn't even let us answer
-her attitude overall was just bad
-after tasting the special dessert, kind of makes me want to try the 3-course menu by Alex Chen, saw sign in restaurant and looked up on the website, says you can add $5 to an entrée to make it a 3-course meal, somewhat attractive

Style: burgers, dessert 
Visited on: June 14, 2012
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