Sunday, September 30, 2012

$4.95 entrée @ El Furniture Warehouse Whistler

since its been years ever since my last visit to Whistler, we ask friends for recommendations. she recommended us to a restaurant where everything was $4.95

top: poutine and onion rings
poutine was not as exciting but still good
onion rings used beer batter and was easy to smell the beer scent
personally prefer crisper ones
bottom: honey garlic wings
the works burger
meat was quite juicy
not a lot of fries accompanied but the burger fills in the value
they gave ketchup instead of mayo
better than a McDonald's meal

El Furniture Warehouse
24-4314 Main St 
Whistler, British Columbia V0N 1B4 
604 982 8848

-although the price was cheap, quality was not affected, everything was worth its value
-the $1.95 substitution for yam fries was not worth it, a side order for $4.95 would have been a way better decision
-we went around 5pm but certain items on the menu were already sold out
-18% gratuity for group of 5 or more, however they didn't charge us that
-servers were all friendly, each came to serve you regardless of area
-they do take-outs and close at 1am so perfect for late night snacks or to bring back to your room or on to way home

Style: burgers, western, american 
Visited on: August 28, 2012