Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fish and Chips @ Moby Dick

whenever near the waters, i would think of fish and chips. along the white rock sea wall, theres a few stores that sell fish and chips but didn't know which one to choose. safest bet was to try the one with the line ups. while waiting, saw all the awards and  the since 1975, felt much safer

travelocity.ca - local favourite 2005
left: onion rings
tempura battered
nice and crunchy
right: fish and chips
2 piece portion
fish was really fresh and nicely battered
fries were soft and not too oily

Moby Dick Seafood Restaurant
15479 Marine
White Rock, BC V4B
(604) 536-2424

-had to pay for the homemade tartar sauce but a must have
-tons of condiments, self-served
-like the paper tray conveince, but still beware of spills, i spilled vinegar and dripped onto my pants in the car
-around 20-25 min wait but all freshly fried
-either take out or dine in, don't know if there is price difference
-i think i will come back to this one although many other similar places around

Style: fried food, seafood (海鮮) 
Visited on: Aug 12, 2012
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