Saturday, November 10, 2012

NEW - Le Riz Asian Fusion Cafe 米芝樂

malaysian style fried rice noodles 馬拉盞炒米
strong spice sauce taste
wasn't thoroughly fried, lumps of sauce
has bbq pork, shrimp, egg, carrots, bean sprouts
noodles a bit thicker than usual rice noodles
quite tasty
pork belly with rice
pork seems to their signature dish as its also offered for own combo noodles
sauce wasn't too bad but pork belly is too fattening for me
quite plain for a $8.95 dish

Le Riz Asian Fusion Cafe 米芝樂
1031-8338 Capstan Way
Richmond, BC V6X 2H6
(604) 370-1336

-meals came with hot drinks, but milk tea portion was small and not that great
-needs improvements in drinks, the waitress and the lady owner took turns making
-about 10 different choices of $6.99 meals
-only a few tables filled for a lunch weekend
-menu has some snacks like malayasian pancakes, carrot cake, quite a range of varieties, fusion as in the name

Style: chinese (中式), noodles
Visited on: Nov 3, 2012
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