Thursday, December 20, 2012

Afternoon Tea @ Globe @ YVR

most people living in vancouver will probably rarely visit the Fairmont at the airport. saw a groupon from teambuy for $36 in june and decided to give it a try. previously have tired the downtown one and it was the same price groupon offered by dealfind. the airport one however offered additional sparking wine. the most recent groupon even included 2 free hour parking which would have been a much better offer. first time i tried booking was on a holiday and was rejected. this time was a weekday and had no problems booking

tea set
fruit starter
quite plain, no real fruity taste
weird that they just soaked it in red water
would be nice if it was sugary water instead
sparking wine
tea samples for you to smell
tea temperature lasted till the very end

Globe @ YVR (Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel)
3111 Grant McConachie Way
Richmond, BC V7B 1M8
(604) 248-3281

-place was quite quiet with only 3 tables and 1 server, we were the only ones eatting the tea set
-great place to relax while watching planes landing on the runway
-we were free to choose wherever we wanted to sit
-parking is a big hassle as its expensive, best to skytrain in
-comparing to the downtown tea set, this one was more casual and modern while the other was more elegant and classy
-if there was no group/discount, i would never come again due to location inconvenience

Style: tea, sandwiches
Visited on: Oct 22, 2012

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