Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lunch @ Prince Chinese Seafood 王子海鮮酒家

this is the second most frequent dim sum place i go to in east van. quite packed on weekends as there are a limited amount of chinese restaurants around. the renovation really made this place look more upscaled and made me enjoy coming more, didn't really like this place before

black sesame roll
not chewy enough
Pine House bakery makes them better
pineapple bun with bbq pork
rice rolls with fish paste
fried yam and taro
nice dessert that's not too sweet
taro is very soft and powdery
mushroom dumpling

Prince Chinese Seafood 王子海鮮酒家 
2881 Grandview Hwy 
Vancouver, BC V5M 2E1 
(604) 430-6808

-hard to find parking in their mall
-some unique dim sums 

Style: chinese (中式), seafood (海鮮) 
Visited on: Oct 21, 2012

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