Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Ding" Tai Fung - Downtown Vancouver

was strolling around downtown when something caught my attention. The sign saying "Ding" Tai Fung opening soon. At first i was excited then took my phone out for the picture. Then somehow I had a feeling that it was fake. Then i posted the picture on facebook and then my friend told me its fake. The authentic Din Tai Fung does not have a "g" in Din. And when i look at this picture more closely instead of the other one I posted on my facebook, there's the words Shang Hai. The real company is from Taiwan and not from China. Disappointment. Another friend was commenting that theres so many other shang hai food places around and why Ding Tai Fun. Although its a brand name, I still like it somehow, personal preference. Their quality is consistent no matter what location you are at.

Ding Tai Fung - 鼎泰豐
On Richards and Hastings
 although its fake, definitely not a good location