Monday, March 26, 2012

Lunch @ Nan Chuu Japanese Izakaya 南廚

haven't had ramen in richmond ever since G-men closed in their original location and finally it's time for ramen

only offer ramen and some snacks during lunch
different condiments
like how they prepared wet towels

tantan men
its pretty much a japanese version of shanghainese dan dan noodles (擔擔麵)
tonkotsu soup is definitely rich as mention in the photo above but its more like a thick broth than soup
spoon provided has holes so basically its more like a sauce
somewhat spicy, strong sesame and peanut taste
wasn't really something we were looking forward too
shio ramen
soup is really light with hints of salt
not too much meat given
noodles are chewy and al dente
like the lemon zest, adds a unique taste
egg was excellently done, yolk not over-cooked

Nan Chuu Japanese Izakaya 南廚
1160-8391 Alexandra Rd
Richmond, BC V6X
(604) 276-8391
Closed on Wednesdays

-really friendly servers, asks if you want water or tea once you settle down
-atmosphere is great
-best ramen in richmond
-prefer the menu at previous location
-they have alcohol license but doesn't match ramen unless you order other food in dinner menu
-half of the store are booth and tables, as well as a bar
-even on a sunday afternoon, only 35% full
-a $9 meal is probably too much for most people nowadays but having one once in a while doesn't hurt
-only 4 choices of ramen under $10
-used to be a hard place to find parking even for lunch but its not as packed now
-will visit again when i crave for ramen

Style: japanese (日式), ramen (拉麵)
Visited on: Mar 25, 2012

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