Monday, April 2, 2012

Dessert @ Capstone Tea & Fondue

been to the downtown location several times and have quite enjoyed the all you can eat chocolate fondue. richmond location has been opened for a while but just haven't been to as they don't offer bubble tea drinks. finally decided to go as we wanted a place that's easy to find spots

japanese matcha latte
always had the hot version but decided to go for a change
option of adding jasmine syrup
mine had no syrup so little bitter but suits the fondue well as the chocolate is sweet
fruits, biscuits and pastries that's probably store made
lemon bread and banana bread were the most filling
personal chocolate fondue
downtown has bigger pot where you have to share
56% semi-sweet chocolate
downtown had pretzels and gummy bears

Capstone Tea & Fondue (Richmond)
160 - 9020 Capstan Way   
Richmond, BC V6X 1R4
(778) 297-5007

-service was quite slow, refills took a while to come
-order 3 same drinks and came separately as they made it individually
-around 8 tables, was quite quiet at 9pm then most table were filled
-$9.95 per person with the purchase of drink which is around $5
-option of $1 for 3 balls of ice-cream
-quite filling for $15 but won't really be a place i would frequency go as i prefer bubble tea style drinks more

Style: dessert
Visited on: Mar 31, 2012

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