Friday, April 13, 2012

Lunch @ Vivacity Restaurant 名都

haven't been here for a while as its hard to find parking. decided to come after seeing the ad of $2.99 deals and 20% off dim sums

$2.99 deals
pig feet with rice noodles
pan-fried taro cake - could be crispier
all the different $2.99 dim sums
salty chicken - well marinated, brown rice was even better
eggplant with shrimp paste
not oily, well made
good deal as most are usually $7-8

Vivacity Restaurant 名都
110-8351 Alexandra Road
 Richmond, BC V6X 1C3
(604) 279-1513

-limit of $2.99 special limited to number of people you have, one order per person at each table
-although says first come first serve for the deals, went at 1pm and still had them
-we had 7 people, only charged for 1 person tea
-20% off almost all dim sum, except the dishes that are usually $7+, the pan-fried food
-service was prompt, one of the managers were really nice and cool, came to change our plates and kept saying no rush, ladies first
-they were poor at entering orders, either missed one out or entered wrong
-one of the hardest places to find parking
-good food, good deal, only bad thing is parking

Style: dim sum (點心) 
Visited on: Apr 12, 2012

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