Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Luis Cake Shop 君濠餅廊

Michelle Cake Shop sold their richmond store to their relatives and recently reopened as Luis Cake Shop. they're currently still in their trial stage and are offering 20% off. however there's only buns and no cold cakes. most buns are $1, which is relatively cheaper than before but also seem to be smaller size as well. only 10 or so varieties right now

$4.48 for these 6 with discount

Luis Cake Shop 君濠餅廊 
140-6211 Buswell St 
Richmond BC

-chocolate bun, few small soft chocolate pastes inside, not too sweet, bun is soft and chewy
-chicken tail bun, filling not too sweet, bun is also quite soft

Michelle previously had their cake made and delivered from their main store. wonder if Luis's cakes will be store made

Style: bakery (麵包) 
Visited on: Apr 12, 2012