Saturday, April 28, 2012

Choi House Special Chicken

didn't know what to eat for lunch so wandered into empire centre food court

attracted my stomach
same kind of chicken ususally used for cooking at home 
House spice spicy chicken small pieces on rice (large) 鹽焗手撕雞飯
comes with chicken broth soup with corn, most likely brewed from the left over bones
hand ripped into small pieces
not too salty, just right
sauce lightens up the rice
meat is tender and enjoy biting into smaller pieces
its unlike the baked salty chicken found in typical chinese restaurants
more home-made style

Choi House Special Chicken 
1175 - 4540 No. 3 Road (Inside Empire Centre) 
Richmond BC V6X 4E8 
(604) 782-7899

-may seem like a simple dish that is not worth its price but can feel that effort was put into them as they're boneless and that the store is ran by an old couple

Style: chinese (中式), food court 
Visited on: Apr 21, 2012

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