Friday, March 16, 2012

Dinner @ Top Chiu Chow Cuisine 潮州世家

all the dishes came in 10 minutes after ordering
free snacks
the salty vegetables were not too salty nor sweet, just right
fried prawn balls + fried crab balls 蝦棗 + 蟹棗
both half orders
not too oily, well made
pig stomach pepper soup with salted vegetables 胡椒豬肚湯
not too peppery, just right
perfect for the cold weather
marinated duck 滷水鴨
served with tofu
marinated sauce is strong
meat is tender
preserved olive leaves long beans 欖菜四季豆
the minced meat was too salty
not too oily
fried sliced chicken with pepper 川椒雞
pieces were somewhat too big compared to traditional
right taste but could be served with more leaves
pan-fried egg noodles served with sugar and vinegar 糖醋麵
a burnt one came at first but we refused it since we saw a better one at another table
tastes very similar to traditional, best one eaten in vancouver
only one side is crunchy but its still great
sugar-coated taro 反沙芋
sugar sticks well onto taro
not much sugar+onions used compared to others
however some pieces were soggy

潮州世家 海鮮菜館
Top Chiu Chow Cuisine
1211-8338 Capstan Way (In Union Square)
Richmond BC V6X 4B5
604 278 5698

called in to reserve a table and glad i did as all the tables were full

-third visit, first dinner. enjoyed all the meals here
-was glad the food came fast but felt kind of rushed to eat as all the good food were in front
-all the food was definitely hot since they served them fast hoping you to leave fast
-most of the food is not oily, good work by the chefs
-inexpensive dinner
-service was pretty good
-became one of my new favourite restaurants

Style: chiu chow (潮州菜), seafood (海鮮)
Visited on: Mar 11, 2012

Note: I translated all the chinese myself
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