Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Afternoon Tea @ Bubble World 大頭仔

it's been a while since hearing that bubble world had afternoon tea special that start at 2:30. having not eaten lunch, went right at 2:30. the moment i stepped inside i knew why they needed such deals. opposite world compared to weekend lunch/nights

always loved their honey green milk tea
additional pearl / jelly is free
milk crust almond toast
could be better, not as good as the one at pearl castle
fried squid
won't be too salty
nicely fried throughout
like how its plained fried and no batter

Bubble World 大頭仔 
1136 - 8328 Capstan Way 
Richmond, BC V6X 2H6 
(604) 232-5222

-$6.45 including tax for a snack and a drink priced at $4.95
-awesome deal, like additional dollar for the snack
-snacks include mostly fried stuff or toasts
-quality is retained and not affected by the deal
-a different choice from hk style restaurant's afternoon sets
-i always order half sweet and otherwise regular is way too sweet

Style: bbt 
Visited on: May 7, 2012

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