Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lunch @ Posh

first time i went to posh was when they first opened and since then their quality have been pretty consistent. can't ask for too much for their price compared to hk style hotpot. they had some groupon deals at red pocket so decided to buy some after not visiting for a long while. after buying them, heard that their business were not as great as before so they needed such to push for more business

has beef taste, better than all you can eat at hk style hotpot
fried yam was pretty good 
lycee drink
deal came with bottomless drinks
too sweet, all pre-mixed

1123-3779 Sexsmith Rd 
 Richmond, BC V6X 3Z9 
(604) 303-7674

- really hard to estimate how much to order, they give you what you order but the amount is random every time
- not all groupon are good deals in general, best are the gift certificate/money valued ones
- had to pay taxes and 15% service charge on top of the groupon while service was average
- only one server for whole lunch hour
- went at 12:30 and there was no one, then eventually filled the first floor
- sukiyaka once in a while is fine but would prefer hk style hotpot more

Style: japanese (日式), hotpot (火鍋) 
Visited on: Apr 28, 2012

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