Monday, May 21, 2012

Lunch @ Kyung Bok Palace

haven't been here after they discontinued the $2X for 5 dishes and went to other korean places instead. always passed by and saw their new menu so came to try. the new menu is similar to hk style restaurants which comes with a drink or soup and pricing is similar

bbq beef ribs
somewhat tender and easy to bite through
meal came with 4 side dishes and a soup and rice
seafood tofu soup
lots of tofu and few seafood
light tasting but probably added msg
seafood pancake
came sizzling hot
a bit too much flour and not crispy enough compared to jin mo jib
tasting good as usual
previous one in pick 5 menu was not served in rock bowl
bibimbap came with this lousy, airless drink
there's suppose to be a bunch of drinks (milk tea, iced tea) to choose from but waitress said only have soft drinks left, probably don't want to make the other drinks

Kyung Bok Palace 景福宮
5300 #3 Rd (Lansdowne Centre) 
Richmond, BC 
(604) 207-1120 

-average price of a meal is $9
-if willing to pay more, i would say go for the all you can eat
-service slow as usual, took forever to get the bill
-good things about this place is probably the comfy seating and easy parking

Style: korean 
Visited on: May 12, 2012

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