Monday, October 22, 2012

Congee @ Double Double Restaurant 老油條大牌檔

this place has been packed since opening. old location was on kingsway but it seems like all the staff is new since they did posting for all positions before opening.

Lai Wan Style Congee 艇仔粥
came steaming hot but too watery
flavours too light
chinese doughnut 油炸鬼
not as good as expected
still crispy outside although it came cold
deep-fried wonton
big fresh shrimp inside
outside nice and crispy
8 pieces in total
sweet chinese doughnut 牛脷酥
very small portion
centre not soft enough
soy sauce fried noodles

Double Double Restaurant 老油條大牌檔 
128-4600 No. 3 Road Empire Centre 
Richmond, BC V6X 4E8 
(604) 370-3345

-2nd time visiting, and service and seating took a long time.1st time going was at night and everything was much faster, but some food may sell out
-don't like the congee but certain fried stuff are good
-yet to try rice rolls, take way too long
-orders get mess up, you get the fried chinese doughnut from the person you order from but they tend to forget, things are not computerized, ordered before the person beside but they got "our" food instead
-pricing is fair
-a huge variety of food, more than before
-a good place to eat but took too long for the food to come considering they're easy to make, lacking staff
-not open on tuesdays

Style: congee (粥), street food (大牌檔) 
Visited on: Sept 29, 2012 
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