Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CLOSED - Dinner @ Golden Bauhinia Restaurant 金紫荊小館

APR 2013 UPDATE - Reopened as Hing Fung Restaurant 慶豐餐廳

came when it first opened for lunch and it was not that great. family has been here a few times for dinner and said its not bad. when relatives came to visit, we went together

steamed garlic baby lobster with peral rice
best dish of the night
also comes with scallops and shrimps
strong garlic taste and scent seeped into the rice
as good as the ho yuen kee one
chicken simmered in lo-sui sauce 
tung choi with fermented bean curd

fried garlic chives
love the crunchy stuff
sweet and sour pork

Golden Bauhinia Restaurant 金紫荊小館 
1226-8338 Capstan Way 
Richmond, BC V6X 2H6 
(604) 278-8898 

-there's a limited amount of quail, good to order when booking, we missed it
-dinner food is much better than lunch
-they have glass bottle coke and sprite if interested, rare to see in chinese restaurants
-average pricing, better than being stuck to set menus or a limited of choices

Style: chinese (中式) 
Visited on: August 24, 2012
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