Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lunch @ Bubble Waffle Cafe (Aberdeen Centre)

its been a while since the old restaurant location closed. location was good but there was no parking and they did not have enough air conditioning for the summer. a while ago i already saw the ads in the newspaper that they reopened at aberdeen and the red pocket coupon for buy one get one free. my friend told me the food was indeed cheap for food court but quality was soso. she told me she had to wait for an hour and it was not worth it considering it was just food court and was just noodles. but since i love bubble waffles, i gave it a go

had satay soup but was very light
moderate amounts of MSG in soup
2-3 pieces of each item
with condensed milk and peanut butter
fresh and quite chewy

Bubble Waffle Cafe (Aberdeen Centre)
Unit 3000, 4151 Hazelbridge Way 
Richmond, BC V6X 0A4 
(604) 370-2211

-went at 11:30am then the line started to get huge at noon with around 20+ people in line
-$1 extra with noddles for bubble waffle/waffle, depends what they offer on the day
-$1.50 extra with noddles for hot/cold drink
-max of 3 additional sides
-yet to try to bubble waffle at they only had waffles for the additional $1, but mostly likely the same as before
-most better location than before
-quality of the noodles seemed to have dropped
-ordered cold lemon tea and had 4 thick slices of lemons, much better than other places
-don't like where the condiments are location, no space to put your tray to get the things
-would only go back for the snacks and not noodles

Style: noodles (百搭麵), street food (街邊小食) 
Visited on: Oct 6, 2012

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