Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dine Out @ Diva at the Met

first time the bread came it was pretty much cold, the refills came warm
the butter was topped with salty bread crumbs, if i heard it correctly

beef tartare
veal tongue, pickled pin mushrooms, egg yolk
mushrooms+egg yolk were diced into very tiny pieces
the left, guessing its egg white but its salty
we asked the waitress how to eat it as we've never seen a dish like this
told us to mix everything in the bowl and scoop it with the "egg white"

pacific provider coho salmon
pine nut, chorizo, bell pepper, black olives, caper vinaigrette
the salmon was cooked medium rare, loved the sauce, not too strong so could taste the salmon

heritage pork loin
pork hock press, sauerkraut, bread pudding, mustard jam
tasted my friend's food, nothing special about it

chocolate souffle 
almond powder(?), pistachio ice cream
topped with a sheet of silver painted chocolate(?), melted by the time i took the picture
ice-cream didn't have a strong pistachio taste
very similar to chocolate lava cake

$38 for 3 course meal

Diva at the Met (Metropolitan Hotel)
645 Howe Street 
Vancouver BC V6C 2Y9
(604) 602-7788

was not packed for a weekday dinner dine out

The Good
-first time trying a restaraunt serving molecular gastronomy food, really interesting experience, but my friends did not enjoy it
-the atmosphere was great, we were put by the kitchen and saw the head chef yelling orders
-my water was always promptly refilled

The not so good
-4 of us ordered the same dessert but a wrong order came. so the waitress went to the pastry chef (we could oversee the kitchen so we know who she was talking to) to check the order and found that it was 3 souffle and 1 cheesecake. then an older waitress, probably head waitress, made her check her written order and then made her come over and ask if we ordered wrong. it was definitely the waitress who wrote the wrong order but instead the waitress was questioning if my friend changed her mind last minute so she didn't catch it right. in the end of course she had to ask the kitchen to prepare the right order. this was the first time that i ever experienced getting questioned by a wrong order in a formal restaurant, usually the waiter just apologizes and goes to ask for a new one. even if the food was cooked the wrong way, most restaurant just prepares another one without questioning. this was somewhat disappointing

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