Monday, February 6, 2012

Lunch @ Top Chiu Chow Cuisine

all the dishware are unique from traditional ones
left to right: Pan Fried Oyster Pancake
Steamed Golden Sauce Chicken Claw, not as salty and tender as others
Fried Taro Cake [on menu it says "bang"(meaning flat form) but turns out to actually be "go"(cake form)]
top to bottom: Pan Fried Chinese Chive Cake [with shrimp inside],
Golden Fried Yam Cake, sweet red bean paste inside, [this one is not traditionally made, should be peanut and sesame paste filling]
Sautéed Satay Beef Rice Noodles
does not have enough satay taste, not a good dish, overheard another table even complained to the manager about it
dessert: Taro Paste (based on 1 person order), it was probably pre-made and was just heated up
 a bit too sweet, the Ginkgo biloba were bitter, traditional ones are more oily so i find this one tasting different than traditional
$1 tea/person
interesting that they even have a QR code for a chinese restaurant, however couldn't read it with my iphone

潮州世家 海鮮菜館
Top Chiu Chow Cuisine
1211-8338 Capstan Way (In Union Square)
Richmond BC V6X 4B5
604 278 5698

called in to book a table but still had to wait 15 mins more upon arriving, food took longer to arrive than most dim sum places, steamed food usually arrive first but didn't occur in this restaurant

The Good
-what i like about the oyster pancake is that there's not of pepper added into it, not too oily, but i like having crispy ends more, price is around the same as others
-my favourite dish is Fried Taro Cake, its nice and crispy, only soft taro inside
-has some chiu chow style dim sum not offered elsewhere
-lots of chiu chow style desserts as well
-average dim sum prices for great food

The Not so good
-limited dim sum varieties, around 20 kinds, but have many other of dishes
-slippery floor, around 20 tables that are placed tightly
-overheard from the other table that the marinated sauce is too light, probably because the restaurant is too new to have a strong leftover marinated sauce

-most of the food taste great but don't know how long it will last as most new restaurants taste great during opening
-most likely will visit again in future

Visited on: Jan 29, 2012

Note: I translated all the chinese myself
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