Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lunch @ ABC Cafe 愛彼茜餐室

i consider this place a high end hk style restaurant (茶餐廳) as meals are $1-2 more than other places. i visit about 1-2 times a month as it's easy to get a table, except the crazy parking lot that's packed every single day

crispy pork cutlet with fried egg and rice 脆皮豬扒煎蛋飯
2nd time eating this, less rice than the one i ate in december
pork is really crispy and not oily
sauce a tiny bit sour coming from the tomatoes, could be sweeter
sauce different than oven-baked pork rice (焗豬扒飯)
minced meat and preserved olive leaves fried rice 欖菜肉碎炒飯
not at all salty and meat taste is strong
would prefer strong taste of preserved olive leaves (欖菜)
new menu, chiu chow style set 
for $158 serving 10 people, will everyone be full considering i ate $300+ at another chiu show style restaurant with 8 people with almost the same food
yet to try
fried sliced chicken with pepper served with rice in stone bowl 川椒雞石頭飯
tried this back in december
tastes somewhat like tradition
portion also was smaller when i tried again in january
sauce is somewhat salty, has herbs that causes numbness found in spicy food (麻辣)

last time i went i also tried other chiu chow style food:
Pan Fried Oyster Pancake 金牌煎蠔烙: like how it's not peppery and not too much flour
sugar-coated taro 椰香反沙芋: well-made, sugar coating sticks well to taro, not too much green onions used, taro all powdery

ABC Cafe 愛彼茜餐室
2792-4151 Hazelbridge Way (Aberdeen Centre)
Richmond, BC V6X 3R8
604 295 6777

-all meals come with free hot drink
-good quality and big portion though prices are higher than average
-like the new menu with all the different chiu chow style food
-lots of variety in menu
-average service as you find in all chinese restaurant

Style: hk style restaurant (茶餐廳), chiu chow (潮州菜)
Visited on: Feb 18, 2012

Note: translated the chinese myself as i forgot to take a picture of their menu

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