Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunset Organic Bistro @ Summerhill Pyramid Winery

most wineries in interior bc are closed in the winter as snowfall is heavy and makes it hard to visit. visited in the summer but never got a chance to write about it until now

outdoor patio
can see the wine shop from inside the restaurant, totally lured me in to have some wine tasting after lunch 
banquet hall in the end, bunch of tourists were eating inside 
bottle of wine ordered of course
pan seared ahi tuna
pulled pork burger
seafood linguini

Sunset Organic Bistro
4870 Chute Lake Rd
Kelowna BC V1W-4M3
(250) 764-8000 

-most were made from local organic food
-faces the okanagan lake
-great ambiance
-prices around the same as all other restaurants at the wineries
-was previously visited by queen elizabeth