Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ultimate Ears 600vi Unboxing

7 different buds to choose from
compared to my old UE case, prefer the old one since its smaller
glued it back together

-vi is the version design for apple products
-bought UE since had good experience with the series however the build for this was disappointing
-the end of plastic shell started to come off after a few months of usage, had to glue gun to secure it so it won't rip/tear the actual cord (last picture)
-the headphones are more amplified than my previous set of UE, sometimes the lowest volume with my iphone still feels loud in quiet surroundings
-great design that you are able to hook the buds over your ear and won't come off easily
-love the 3 button design unlike my old one buttoned UE
-like how it uses red to differentiate the right ear but i usually differentiate by the remote
-sounds are very clear, bass is great, and noise cancellation is high