Friday, February 24, 2012

CLOSED - Lunch @ Rhino's Kitchen 新犀牛屋

place was packed when it first open so didn't have a chance to try until now but have also heard bad comments ever since. went to try for the very first time, apparently they have also changed their menu, prices are somewhat cheaper than before (and now comes with free drinks and soup?)

a few tvs around and lots of rhinos
if you have the top gun gold card, you can get 30% discount for the other half of the menu (with discount meals start from $10+), this side cannot be discounted
russian borscht and cream of mushroom soup
meals come with a soup
taste a bit better than the average free ones
baked beef tongue & cheese on spaghetti
looks small but has a lot of pieces inside
spaghetti not chewy enough
better if in tomato sauce
deep fried fish fillet and pork cutlet with dried scallop and egg white fried rice
deep frying work is good

Rhino's Kitchen 新犀牛屋
322-5300 No 3 Rd (Lansdowne Centre)  
Richmond BC V6X 2X9

-food aren't bad except prices are much higher
-however drinks are bad, milk tea too light, only 2 slices of lemon for hot lemon tea
-the average hk style restaurant food aren't offered, fried rice and noodles
-changing to cold drink is expensive, additional $1.25
-service a bit better than average, one of the servers were handing out toothpicks to every table
-lots of staffs wandering around, probably too free as place was 65% full
-besides easy parking and the tv, probably won't visit until they change the menu and drinks, can get better food with same/cheaper price elsewhere

Style: hk style restaurant (茶餐廳)
Visited on: Feb 21, 2012

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