Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CLOSED - Lunch @ Shanghai Fusion Restaurant 滬之星

usually go to Shanghai River or Northern Delicacy for shanghai food but wanted to give this place a try

build your own lunch combo
seems more expensive and have to choose certain types food 
cold smoked fish
sauce too light
bran dough
too hard
deep-fried twisted dough stick, chinese doughnut
too oily and not soft, seems like it was re-deepfried
beef roll
parker place food court make it better and cheaper
steamed pork dumpling 
average taste, has soup locked in
sticks to the sheet
spicy wontons
tastes weird, not spicy enough, not like traditional
house sautéed noodles

Shanghai Fusion Restaurant 滬之星
128-4540 No. 3 Rd (Empire Centre)
Richmond BC V6X 4E4
(604) 284-5557

-prices are cheaper but what you pay is what you get, smaller portions
-tastes are too light, not like traditional
-think they're closed on tuesdays, it was close when i wanted to try the first time
-only a few tables full, only one server but enough as not busy
-gave us a 10% discount, may be because we were the only large table
-most likely won't visit again

Style: shanghai (上海菜)
Visited on: Feb 23, 2012

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