Friday, February 3, 2012

Lunch @ Saboten Japanese Cutlet

waited total of 30 mins from lining up to getting the food
their custom order of bread for the panko (bread crumbs) 
like any other Japanese restaurant, models of their food
open kitchen
they had probably 12 employees (10 in front), one at each station
pouring sauce, soup, serving rice, dripping, frying, cutting tonkatsu, cashier, etc
menu is exactly same as the overhead one
they put out a sold out sign for the sandwich
probably because it makes the less profit and required the same frying work
model of what i order
-actual food (in take out form), no big difference for eat-in as they served everything io styrofoam
-meat was very tender and the exterior was very crispy, not oily+greasy
-miso soup is definitely not those regular cheap mixes, very clear miso taste
-comes with one side dish, sour vegetable, seasme mix, tonkatsu sauce
-soft japanese rice 
tastes like traditional tonkatsu (p, definitely better than ones found in HK style restaurants
the size of individual cutlets are smaller than usual, only divided into 2 pieces
wonder how many meals they have to serve to cover just the staff expense
according to the magazine:
-this is north america's first specialized tonkatsu place
-company has over 500 specialized tonkatsu place+600 other types of restaurants worldwide
-bread crumbs are custom mabe by Saint Germain Bakery and is key to crispness
-USA FDA recognized meat
-tonkatsu sauce is directly imported from Japan
-specialized machine for frying, mixing bread crumbs, cutting cabbage

Saboten Japanese Cutlet
Unit 3180 Aberdeen Centre
4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond BC V6X 4J7
604 295 9351

-definitely will go back often when there's no line ups
-drinks are too expensive
-high quality food for a food court but can also be considered expensive for a food court meal

side note, they totally owned the other stores in the food court, there is usually a long line up for Wo Fung Dessert, but none on the day i visited, for a second made me wanted to eat that instead

Visited on: Jan 31, 2012
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